New world, new expressions. Argentine wine surprises the world, and it is not strange.


In the first place, because Argentina is giant, which explains the incredible diversity of soils, climates and conditions that give each wine its peculiarity.
Second, western Argentina is dry, but with thousands of slopes emerging from the Andes Mountains. Consequence? His wine is healthy. The rains are usually scarce, and it is the man who decides when and how to water.

Third, and contrary to what many believe, the Argentine winemaking tradition is not recent. Beyond 400 years of Spanish colonization, the 20th century meant a giant boost for its cultivation thanks to the arrival of immigrants from Spain itself, Italy, France and other countries with centuries of wine history. And with them came his art.

Argentina is making the best wines in its history, nobody doubts it. Never before has the main wine producer in the southern hemisphere offered such quality and diversity with wines that today set trends beyond its borders.

And the best is yet to come.

Javier Guiroy

Javier Guiroy

Export Manager