Surely you already know the answer.And it is so…..
More than 75% of Argentine wine exports correspond to Malbec.

Argentine Malbec is the flagship variety of Argentina and the spearhead that allowed the national wine industry to make its way into world markets. Currently, it represents 56.4% of the total bottled wine sold in the foreign market and continues to consolidate as the most exported variety, which strengthens its international position.

In the bulk market, Malbec continues to be the most important figure, with a share (in millions of liters) of 75% of the total monovarietals exported.

This figure is remarkable, since it is the variety most commercialized abroad in bulk wines from Argentina, representing in the last four years between 50 and 55% of the volume of exported bulk varietal wines and between 65 and 68% of the invoicing in USD FOB.

Argentina exports Malbec in bulk to 22 international destinations and, from 2018 to 2022, the United Kingdom has been the main buyer of this variety by far, with volumes ranging from 45% to 66% of the total varietals exported. The United Kingdom is the buyer of super-premium Argentine Malbec par excellence.

The United States (+14.6%) is the second most important destination in terms of volume, closely followed by Germany, but the turnover of the first is higher. The United States appears to be an important buyer of super-premium Argentine Malbec. Meanwhile, Germany, the third country (7.3%) that buys similar proportions in the premium and super premium segments.

In fourth place is France, which has remained stable over the last four years in terms of volumes and sales, always purchasing Argentine Malbec in the premium and super premium segments.

In the words of the manager of the CAVG, Lic. Juan Manuel Palomo:
“Although the interannual evolution of exports was negative, of the order of 40.7%, it had a differential behavior between the different types of wines: those that fell were the generics (-73.8%) while the varietals did by -23%”. The participation of varietal wines over the total bulk wine exports from Argentina, however, continues to increase, representing 84.5% of the total.

Editorial Lost Valley Argentina // 2023¨