We want to show the benefits of Argentina, the subtlety of its wines, the numbers of Argentine viticulture, but we leave aside telling the essential: Who are we?

The Lost Valley Argentina Team
(First part)

We are the result of experience in a specific market: Bulk wines.

Alfredo Guiroy, fundador de Lost Valley Argentina.

For almost 40 years, Alfredo Guiroy, founder of Lost Valley S.A., has dedicated to opening doors to Argentine bulk wine in the most important consumer markets. The story begins with a simple meeting between Alfredo and Guillermo Rodaro in the management office of the San Carlos Sud Cooperative, in Valle de Uco. Alfredo had been working in well-known wineries in Mendoza for a decade, but in the field of bottling and marketing. The San Carlos Sud Cooperative, on the other hand, was a luxury supplier for the country’s major brands, thanks to its privileged location.

It was then that the idea came up.
Why not supply great wines to international brands?


The ship sailed instantly. With the commitment to renovate infrastructure, management techniques, and working side by side with winemakers from the Old World, Australia and California, the Cooperative embarked on the adventure of creating star products, and Alfredo on the challenge of creating partners that will last over time through the commercial company that would give this challenge an international dimension: Lost Valley.

Cooperativa San Carlos Sud, Valle de Uco – Mendoza, Argentina.

The project was consolidated with each challenge, with each requirement, with each market. Over the years, the plans spread to the United States, England, France, Spain, China, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Germany, and the Czech Republic.
Our wines appeared in large gondolas, such as Walmart, Carrefour, as well as in exclusive wine clubs and restaurants of all kinds.

Ten years ago, the project expanded its dimensions. On the one hand, the sales team multiplied with sales representatives in the United States, Europe and China, including Javier Guiroy, son of the founder and current commercial manager.

Javier Guiroy, Commercial Manager of Lost Valley Argentina.

On the other hand, the product portfolio was diversified with the incorporation of top-level wineries in the best regions of Argentina.

Today, the company is in a complex certification process, which has already allowed it to have BRC certification in one of its wineries, Fair trade in another, Organic Certification in a third, and finally, BRC also in the same San Carlos Sud Cooperative.

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Lost Valley Argentina – 2023