Well, it depends what you’re looking for!

Here we tell you about the most outstanding differences of each one, and you can thus think about which alternative would best accompany your projects.

In the Uco Valley we will find fresh, lively Malbec, with higher levels of acidity and great structure.

In addition, Malbec from Valle de Uco is synonymous with quality and elegance in the world of wine. It is a prolific valley that currently has a wide range of wine projects and where, in addition to Malbec, other exquisite grapes such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, among others, are produced.

We can find great Malbecs in Agrelo (Luján de Cuyo), where the conditions are perfect to achieve this grape.

Complete Malbecs, with a typicity reminiscent of plums, cherries, black fruits in general. The maturity of the tannins makes the Malbec from Agrelo appear friendly, sweet and with a fleshy texture on the palate.

In its wide range of suppliers, one of the preferred regions for Lost Valley customers is Luján de Cuyo, where Malbec stands out for having an aromatic profile dominated by red and black fruits, where plum is a descriptor that stands out.

In the east of Mendoza, Malbec stands out for its great fruity expression.

This region allows large productions per hectare, which makes Malbec a possible varietal for competitively priced brands. And it is important to remember that 49% of the vineyards in Mendoza, with 60,000 cultivated hectares, are located in this region.

In all its expressions, Malbec triumphs in the world and the brands that contain it break records in multiple markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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