Lost Valley’s offer expands with wines from a new winery:
Finca del Enlace.

With a capacity of more than 2,000,000 liters, 300 hectares of vineyards, modern equipment and exhaustive control of the product and processes, Finca del Enlace is a pearl of the Province of San Juan.

Nearly 95% of the plantations correspond to red grapes, standing out Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Tannat, Petit Verdot, Bonarda, Aspirant Bouchet, Marcelan and Ancellotta. The remaining 5% is white grapes, with varieties such as Chardonnay, Viognier, Torrontes Riojano and Sauvignon Blanc.

When the estate reaches its maximum productivity potential, it will reach 7 million kilos of grapes per year, equivalent to 4 million liters of wine.

Its most outstanding quality is the ability to produce wines with an excellent price-quality ratio, thanks to productive engineering based on two pillars: an innovative crop management system and intelligent irrigation management criteria. This allows the winery to produce expressive wines, of good typicality, easy to drink, with round tannins, excellent color, and an intense and pleasant fruity aroma.

Finca del Enlace was the first winery in the local market to introduce the “Single Wire” conduction system as an agronomic technique for sustainable vineyard management. This system -of Australian origin- is intended to allow the plant to grow freely, achieving a balance between the number of fruits and the leaf surface. The Single Wire conduction allows a perfect adaptation to the mechanization of the management of the plants and their harvest.

The loose and airy foliage favors the health of the grapes, their color and a harmonious balance of their tannins. Likewise, an intelligent criterion in the management of pressurized and precision irrigation, allows rigorous control of the hydration of the plants throughout the campaign; In this way it is possible to control the vigor and reach the harvest with the fruit in optimal conditions, ensuring adequate oenological maturation.

Its wines reveal the permanent search for quality, achieved through agronomic innovation and the use of the best technology present in the winery. Result of the elaboration of fresh fruits, cared for and harvested at the opportune moment, the wines of Finca del Enlace are characterized by being fresh, aromatic, unctuous and with bright colors.

The combination of the climate with the soil, added to the technique applied by its agronomists and the commitment to our clients, give rise to expressive wines that are valued in the wine industry of our country.

Lost Valley Argentina * Marzo 2023