On July 25 and 26, the next IBWSS will be held, a fair that brings together professionals from the world of wine every year in the city of San Francisco.

IBWSS visitors are buyers looking to meet their demand for bulk wines, bulk spirits, private label programs, grape buying, or contract manufacturing.

This fair is, along with the WBWE in Amsterdam, one of the greatest opportunities to link people in the sector, from start to finish. The fair also has exhibitors who will reveal interesting facts and concepts about the evolution of the business, trends and opportunities. This year, there will be more than 30 exhibits covering topics as diverse as bulk wine, whiskey, spirits, logistics, fractional costs, eCommerce and retail.

The event will be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center, very close to the city’s airport.

According to the organizers, bulk wine is traded for many reasons, from the need to create a blend using a variety that is not available locally, to the need for more wine due to a poor harvest, to private label. This scenario presents an opportunity for buyers to purchase excellent quality bulk wines and use them judiciously to build new brands or develop an existing wine portfolio.

Currently, international bulk wines are traded at the fair, mainly from Argentina, Chile and Canada. But given the growing strength of the US dollar and the rise of powerful US retailers looking to create private labels, there is a great opportunity for other countries to stand out in the market.

The Lost Valley team will participate in the event. Come closer!
San Francisco,…here we go!

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