The summary of the IBWSS 2023 event has been very positive.

The organization has been the one who transmitted this message in its networks:
“Thank you for making IBWSS 2023 a great success!

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of the attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors who made the 2023 International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show an incredible event! Their presence, enthusiasm and unwavering support made this year’s IBWSS a great triumph.”

On the other hand, with the Lost Valley Team, we participated in the fair with great expectations, due to the growth of Argentine wine in the North American market. The varied visits marked a very good attendance at the event.

The visitors were mostly:

– Small entrepreneurs,
– Large supermarket chains,
– Wine clubs,
– Hotel and restaurant chains.

The offer within the event not only presented a wide variety of wines, but also liquors and spirits. The conference sessions were packed with industry-leading ideas, innovative strategies, and expansive lessons. We browse through more than 100 bulk wine and spirits suppliers from all major regions of the world.

The Argentine Malbec had its presence with the following wineries:

– Grupo Cepas
– Juviar
– Kineta
– Lost Valley

IBWSS 2023 Highlights

– Insightful keynote presentations from industry pioneers.
– Dynamic roundtables on emerging market opportunities
– Diverse range of products from all over the world.
– Networking sessions that fostered meaningful collaborations

From the organization, they also shared: “…the enthusiasm for the networks was contagious and fostered new associations and connections that, without a doubt, will shape the future of the industry…”.
And because of this, the IBWSS  team has already started with the new invitations:

The  next IBWSS 2024. Will you be there?
July 23, 24 – 2024 !

We hope to see you next year too!
And any questions about Argentine Wine in Bulk, contact us!

Lost Valley Argentina – Editorial 2023 *