Less Argentine bulk wine for the world?

For the third consecutive year, the INV includes in its methodology to forecast grape production for 2023, the incorporation of data provided by public organizations and private entities, from all the wine regions of the country. And they forecast a big drop for the 2023 harvest.

Opinions on these estimates vary widely. On the one hand, there are those who consider that the result is close to the estimated calculations. And at the other end, the producers who are convinced that the decline…is even greater.

The wait is over. A few days ago, the National Institute of Viticulture (INV) released the harvest forecast: it is expected to harvest 15,352,900 quintals throughout the country, 21% less than last year. With this, Argentina is facing the worst harvest in history since there was a public record (1960).

Evolution of quintals harvested in the country.

The data was completed and reported after the field work carried out until February 15.

In this note, find what the main references of each sector think!

The province with the largest cultivated area is Mendoza, and a 23% decrease is estimated in relation to 2022 production. This is due to late frosts and hail, in addition to the water shortage that has been repeated this year.

The rest of the wine-producing provinces also suffered severe damage, mainly due to frost. Thus, San Juan would have a fall of 14%; in La Rioja there would be a drop of 9%; and Salta with 9% less than in 2022.

The falls in production in Catamarca, which would have dropped 44%, and that of the south of the country, with a forecast of 52% less, are even more striking. The “Rest of the country” completes the national number, with 30% less than in 2022.

Total production is expected at 15,352,900 qq, which implies a 21% decrease compared to the 2022 harvest, which was 19,368,030 qq.


“Lost Valley Argentina has secured all our 2023 wine export programs.”

Bulk wine fell in exports but gains in premium quality

Bulk wine fell in exports but gains in premium quality The Chamber of Bulk Wines reported the closure of the number within the period January – November 2022, bulk wine had a great year of sales abroad but the percentage achieved in previous years fell. Foreign sales of varietal wines registered a decrease of 19.2% in volume, and 74.3% for generic wines. During this period, the total volume exported amounted to 64.7 million liters and the total amount of dollars generated by this business unit totaled 55 million dollars. During 2022, the destinations that experienced the greatest increase in the share of exported volume were the United Kingdom and the United States.

What was the most chosen wine?

If we highlight the most exported varieties, we find that Malbec continues to be the most relevant figure, with a share of 74% of the total monovarietals exported during the year 2022. Chardonnay follows in importance with 10.7% and Torrontés Riojano 3.3%.

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