In the previous note we discussed how Lost Valley Argentina arose with the aim of offering wines of a high quality level to the international market, of building solid brands with importers from consumer markets.

Over the years, that objective remains exactly the same, with two important advantages acquired: Experience and diversity.
So as the global bulk market grew, so did our team and portfolio.

San Carlos Sud winery *** Valle de Uco ***

Why are we “good partners”?

Because we offer high quality wines from the main wine-growing areas.

The Uco Valley takes hold of us as our heart. The San Carlos Sud Cooperative saw us born, and we work with them every day to bring its wines to the tables of Europe, Australia, the United States, Peru and China.

But speaking of wines, Argentina is much more, and we know it. Each region has its peculiarities to offer, with distinctive notes and different market niches. So, we went in search of more wines, regions and alternatives for the world!

Desert and Life *** Valle de la Puerta *

We expanded, and now we have high-quality wines from the main wine-growing areas of the country.

First, with Valle de la Puerta, a winery located in the Chilecito area, in the province of La Rioja. Here we make high-quality torrontés, as well as early-ripening reds with pronounced fruit.

Then, with Finca del Enlace, in the Province of San Juan, where we focus on Malbec with an evident balance, neat acidity and good structure.

Finca del Enlace ***

To this day, at Lost Valley Argentina we continue to broaden our horizons as we grow as a team.
We always learn and adapt to offer excellent solutions.Taking each step safely and maintaining our commitment to quality and diversity,

Firm steps, reliable products, long-term relationships.

Questions? Our pleasure…contact us!

LostValley Argentina – Editorial *