Ladies and gentlemen, The Queen.

Chardonnay is the most famous white variety in the world and the third most planted in Argentina. Its plasticity and good climatic adaptation have led it to establish itself among wines as the “queen of white grapes” and to be present in almost all wine-growing regions.

It is the main white variety in France, grown mainly in Burgundy, Chablis and Champagne, but it is present in almost all wine-producing regions. In Argentina it is possible to find it from North to South and from West to East, since it is present in 16 of the 18 wine-growing provinces.
* Mendoza concentrates 83% of the crops, followed by San Juan and Neuquén.

This varietal results in deep and delicate still wines with notable persistence. The distinctive feature is its pale yellow color with green reflections. Its aroma is reminiscent of fresh fruits such as apples or flowers.
* Argentine wineries also use it as a base for most sparkling wines.

It is difficult to generalize, but the best results that are being obtained in the country come from the cold areas of Mendoza and Patagonia. The soils of the Uco Valley and the Río Negro Valley give it a very interesting mineral character. Far from the profile of the Chablis Chardonnays, yes, and at an intermediate point with the powerful Californians.

Between these two styles, in fact, a third link seems to be emerging. A union that manages to obtain the structure and unctuousness of the Americans but without falling into the heaviness of their cloying palate. Laura Catena, CEO of Catena Zapata, says that, precisely, “Argentine Chardonnay from the high areas of Mendoza is different from Chardonnay from other parts of the world: it has the acidity and freshness in the mouth of Burgundy, and a mix between floral and mineral that is unique. If you ask me, I see a great future for Argentine Chardonnay as a wine for aging and a wine that can compete with the best in the world”.

Precisely, Lost Valley‘s chardonnay wine offering comes from these two areas, the Uco Valley and Patagonia, which allows us to be the ideal partner for the development of private brands for this varietal.

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Editorial * January 2023 ***