The country had an amazing year when it comes to bulk wine sales.

After exceeding 200 million liters exported in this format, it was positioned as the 9th exporter in the world.

Thus, Argentina already covers 5% of world supply, and this trend seems to grow in the future.

The destination countries of its production are Spain, Canada, the United States, England and China, where in each one more than 30 million liters were sold. In total, and in this lies its expansion, Argentine bulk wine is imported in 38 countries.

Although malbec is the great bet of the South American country, it has also stood out in the high quality of its cabernet, merlot, Syrah, Pinot noir and recently in the whites, especially those from Patagonia and Valle de Uco.

The great advantages that explain the growth are, first of all, the sustainable quality of its production, which already generates confidence in consumers around the world. And secondly, its competitive prices, helped by the devaluation of the Argentine peso.

However, two problems that the country still has to solve if it wants to continue climbing in the world market positions are the logistics cost, due to the distance from consumer markets, and the lack of free trade agreements that, to top it all, its neighbor Chile has.

Javier Guiroy

Javier Guiroy

Export Manager